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care plans


A care plan incorporates a problem list, expected outcome/ prognosis, treatment goals, medication management and a schedule to review and revise the plan, as needed. A care plan may also address community and/or social services. We update the care plan at relevant visits.

Patients: .Your Care Plan is your friend. It summarizes your medical history and the plan that we have carved out together with you! Everyone involved in your medical care should be part of your care plan! Take it along with you! Should you be at a specialist office and now have your care plan with you, contact us via any of the methods below for 24/7 service.

Providers: Should you happen to be evaluating any of our patients, please contact us 24/7 via any of the methods below to get a copy of the latest care plan sent to you. You will need to submit the following form to us prior to us: HIPAA FORM (clickable)

Phone 718-851-8080
Fax us 516-408-3297
Text us (929) 379-7341