School Vaccination Requirements


 Nonmedical exemptions to school vaccination requirements have ended for children attending day care and pre-K through 12th grade in New York State. This includes all public, private, and religious schools. Religious exemptions are no longer allowed. 

Are you an antivaxer?


Dr. Bulmash and Dr. Feldman strongly recommend that each and every child be vaccinated precisely according to the latest recommendations of the American Academy of Pediatrics.  However, we will respect every parent's concerns and decisions, and are happy to work together to help your child! We all want the best for him/her. Click the link below to see our policy on how our office interacts with parents who choose not to vaccinate their children

Refusal to Vaccinate Form


This form is used to document a parent's decision to not vaccinate their children. It states that you have had a discussion with your doctor about your decision and that you understand the risks and benefits of not vaccinating.  It is in your best interest to fill our and file this form.